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Bob was born in 1943 in the South Bronx, New York City, to Lydia and Robert. The story of his personal redemption is the stuff of Hollywood scripts. After breaking free from a cycle of hardship, addiction and incarceration -- and surviving a heart attack two months before his wedding day -- he became an ever-smitten and devoted husband of forty years, a loving father to three boys, and an inspiration to many through his church ministry and the sheer enormity of his heart. He was the Director of Facilities at several hospitals in New York City before landing his dream job at Madison Square Garden. Music was the most profound of his many love languages. His deft hands kept the rhythm that moved listeners' hearts in New York City, North Carolina, and Quito, Ecuador, where he delivered his powerful testimony as an empathic missionary. Everyone he met felt his joyful spirit, his playful nature, his love of God and family, and a patient presence that evinced the simple gifts of every breathing moment. In his youth he "ran with" a gang called the "Young Sinners." At his death, we celebrate the gift that is his durable redemption.  Read more about Bob's life through his personal testimony, which has inspired and given hope to many. 



Devoted husband of 39 years.



Loving father of three boys.



Loyal friend to all.

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